Volunteer Application Process and COVID-19
By Member Scott Doggette
May 15, 2020

Are you interested in joining the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue as a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT? Great! We are happy that you want to join us! There are a few changes with the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we are unable to bring new applicants in for the background check portion, we are certainly still accepting applications! Please visit the Recruitment Tab and complete all of the attached documents. Once they are complete, simply drop them in the mail to me. Once I receive them I will send you an email to confirm. We will start bringing applicants back in in the very near future and will start forming the next Volunteer Firefighter Class and the next Volunteer EMT class.

We need you! We are looking forward to seeing your application!!

Mailing Address:

Scott Doggette, Recruitment and Training Administrator
Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue
1300 Thomas St.
RM 208
Hampton, Va. 23669